12 week pregnancy update

Hello again! It's been a good while since I uploaded my 11 week update and I was sceptical about uploading this one, however since it was already written out I thought I might as well upload! I'm 16+5 now and have my midwife appointment on Thursday so I think the next update I do will… Continue reading 12 week pregnancy update


My pregnancy up to 11 weeks

So guys, here's an update of how my pregnancy is going, I might not do one of these updates every week, and at the moment I'm about 3 weeks behind with the posts. Hopefully I'll get on top of it soon without spamming you all! We found out about our little bundle at 4 weeks,… Continue reading My pregnancy up to 11 weeks

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Why didn’t you wait a couple of years?

Well that was the plan, we were supposed to get engaged this year, tie the knot in 2020 and honeymoon in Disneyland just the two of us, before coming home to our lovely house and preparing it for the next chapter. After that the baby plan was to start. But life happens when you’re busy… Continue reading Why didn’t you wait a couple of years?