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16-17 week pregnancy update and midwife appointment

So this week I’ve been up and down mood wise, I’m worrying regarding our housing situation, we could really do with being in a bigger place before baby arrives but we’re struggling to find anything suitable and within budget. I then found out that I’m not eligible to receive occupational maternity pay from work, I’ve missed out by 1 day! It’s absolutely gutting and just adds to the stress of finding a new home since I’ll be on half of my usual pay from January until I go back to work. However it’s not all been doom and gloom, and there’s been some really great positives this week!

We have been looking more in depth at pushchairs and car seats, choosing which isofix base we like the look of, and we also think we might have a pushchair chosen too! We’ve picked up a pack of vests for baby and had some awesome freebies including a bottle and dummy set from MAM which is all very exciting! I’ve also bought my very first pair of maternity jeans, I’m a jeans kinda gal and although I’m loving wearing dresses and being really girly, jeans are my thing but unfortunately mine were just that bit too tight now and becoming uncomfortable, the maternity ones are from new look and they’re soooo comfy!

Thursday I turned 17 weeks, and I had my 16 week check up with the midwife, this was great, she asked how I was feeling, took my blood pressure, we had a really good chat and then we heard baby’s heartbeat! This was terrifying at first, I’ve heard a lot of people say that you cant always hear the baby’s heartbeat at this appointment because baby hides, however my midwife seemed pretty certain that she’d find it so I was laid on the bed and she was prodding and poking me for what felt like hours (it was probably 4-5 minutes) it was all very tense in the room and myself and Ben were just looking at each other, not really knowing how to feel/act. Finally she found the heart beat, baby was really far over on my left side, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. The midwife admitted that she was almost about to send us for an ultrasound to find out where baby was. Luckily the heart beat was really strong and PERFECT!

3 thoughts on “16-17 week pregnancy update and midwife appointment

  1. The part of where you address your maternity leave at work, needing a bigger space and your mood being all over the place…yeah I feel you. For the last three weeks, everything and everyone has been annoying, getting me angry and worst of all stressing me out. As I get closer to my due date, I want things done or at least in process, which is not the case with my maternity leave paperwork and other benefits. I’m confused about my leave and whether or not my vacation, personal and sick will be combined with the 12 weeks allotted here in NY. Hearing this sent me through edge today. But its normal to feel like this! I just take in deep breaths and if I need to cry, I cry it out and then go back to work. Currently we live in a one bedroom, so space is a luxury here. I’ll tell you what I tell myself and husband every day: “Everything will work out in the end.” Stay Strong ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment, sometimes it’s just so nice to know you’re not alone and other people are also going through the same things. We are currently living in a static caravan/trailer so same for us, we’ve got very little space. Everything definitely will work out! Xx

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