12 week pregnancy update

Hello again! It’s been a good while since I uploaded my 11 week update and I was sceptical about uploading this one, however since it was already written out I thought I might as well upload! I’m 16+5 now and have my midwife appointment on Thursday so I think the next update I do will be after that.

So here’s my account from 12 weeks:

This week has by far been the best out of this pregnancy journey. This week we saw our little baby for the first time! I can’t even begin to explain the emotion that was felt, I was so scared that the sonographer was going to tell me there was no baby, I’d feared it all weekend, but sure enough there was a baby! A stubborn, wriggly, tiny little baby.

It was the most overwhelming and surreal experience of my life to date and suddenly becoming parents became a whole lot more real!

My dates were pretty accurate and I was only moved 1 day so we’ve now got a due date of 29th November which is only 1 week before my birthday so I’m definitely expecting to be in labour or hospital over my birthday! Just my luck really!

Once Home from the scan we told our siblings and grandparents, everyones reactions have been absolutely lovely! Nobody has taken the baby news badly at all which is so great, everyone’s really excited to start their new roles in the family and the baby’s been a hot topic of conversation since they all found out.

I’ve felt amazing this week, I’ve had no sickness or nausea at all, I’m still tired but that could be to do with the few late nights that we’ve recently had! A tiny little bump is growing its nothing noticeable yet but I’m definitely enjoying wearing my bigger sized work trousers, especially with the warmer weather we’re having.

I’d love to know how your week 12 has gone if you’re also pregnant! It’d be lovely to have someone to go through this journey with alongside!


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