My pregnancy up to 11 weeks

So guys, here’s an update of how my pregnancy is going, I might not do one of these updates every week, and at the moment I’m about 3 weeks behind with the posts. Hopefully I’ll get on top of it soon without spamming you all!

We found out about our little bundle at 4 weeks, it was the first day I’d missed my period and I just ‘knew’ that I was pregnant. I’d been having some really random dreams and something just felt different. The next few weeks we were up and down with emotions, I told my best friend and ben told his, other than that we tried to keep it just between us because truthfully we were scared, terrified even. We had no idea how people were going to react, and we had no idea what to do! Having your first baby is a very scary thought.

As it started to sink in, we told our parents and attended our booking appointment at 8 weeks, even after the appointment it still didn’t feel real! It was still hard to believe that there was a tiny human growing inside my stomach, and to top it off, except from having no periods, I didn’t even have many symptoms. Our parents were all happy and excited, telling them wasn’t as nerve wracking as I expected it to be, they were all so supportive and excited to be getting their first grandchild!

Symptom wise, the first 11 weeks for me were not actually too bad. I had a bit of nausea when I woke up in a morning, but it was more that feeling of feeling sick and needing food, once I’d had something to eat I felt a lot better. Sometimes it wasn’t as simple as that though, I struggled immensely preparing food, one morning at about 8 weeks, I poured my cereal into a bowl and immediately had to be sick, it was CEREAL!!! Once in the bowl it was fine, I could eat it, just preparing it sent me funny! Another symptom was heartburn, this came on usually after I’d eaten a big meal with lots of carbs, but it didn’t seem to last for too long!

I also had a lot of bloating during the first few weeks, my high waisted jeans were the first to be unbuttoned, they would just cut straight into me. My work trousers were also uncomfortable, especially towards the end of the day and when I was sat down for long periods of time. If I could have lived at home in leggings or pyjamas I most definitely would!!!

Here’s a little bump snap from 10 weeks. (Honestly it’s mostly bloat!!)

15 thoughts on “My pregnancy up to 11 weeks

  1. I remember that at about 20 weeks, I was eating fried pickles and boneless. After having several bites, I immediately had to throw up! It was the worst hahaha. But I’m glad that so far your symptoms have not been too severe.

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