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Why didn’t you wait a couple of years?

Well that was the plan, we were supposed to get engaged this year, tie the knot in 2020 and honeymoon in Disneyland just the two of us, before coming home to our lovely house and preparing it for the next chapter. After that the baby plan was to start.

But life happens when you’re busy making plans.

So far most people are happy for us, they’re excited even, and ask us all the generic “when’s it due” “how you feeling” questions, which is fantastic! But then you get the negative nellies who think they know how you should be living your life and decide that 21 is far too young and you’ve barely left school, why didn’t you wait a couple more years? Was it an accident? And you get put into a category, you’re suddenly a statistic, you’re not a mum-to-be and you’re fed the facts of how young relationships are more likely to end when a baby is thrown into the mix. Well thanks for your advice, I’m glad you waited until you were in your 30s and had travelled and “seen the world”. But that was never my plan.

I’d always wanted to be a young mum, granted I did expect to be slightly older than 21, but sometimes unexpected things turn out to be the best surprises. I’m lucky. I have a fabulous support system, my boyfriend and I have known each other for 10 years, we’ve been together since a month after my 18th birthday and we’ve been living together for 3 years this summer. Our life is great, I wouldn’t change him for the world. We have great parents who are all very excited to be introducing their first grandchild into the world and we are so happy that this tiny little baby who’s tucked up in my belly is already so so loved.

Making the decision to become parents, isn’t an easy decision, it’s not one that can be taken lightly, there’s a lot of commitments and life changes that come with being responsible for a miniature human. But we can’t wait for this new and exciting chapter to begin! We’re over the moon!

13 thoughts on “Why didn’t you wait a couple of years?

  1. Congratulations! I, myself, had a surprise pregnancy at 19! It wasn’t my plan and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared but she has been my biggest blessing (along with her two sisters)! We got the same questions as y’all and the same negative comments. Even now, as I’m pregnant with our third, been together for 13 years, married for almost 7, and living together for almost 7.. we get these comments. “Don’t you know what causes that?” “Are y’all getting fixed now?” Unfortunately those comments and questions will be a part of every one of your pregnancies but try not to let it bother you!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s a shame people cannot accept all pregnancies as little miracles. We can’t wait to become parents! Good luck with your 3rd pregnancy, how far along are you? X

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  2. Congratulations lovely! I am 18 and I have always planned to be a young mum as well so I know the feeling when people judge you when you tell them your plans to get engaged and married in the next few years. Xx

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  3. Feel so strongly about the young mum stigma and felt I should comment. I had my son at 21 and so glad I did, it’s been so fun. I’m nearly 30 and I feel I have done all the things I “should of done before I had children” like own our home, travel (our son joins us) and I have a good job. I never would of accomplished any of it if it wasn’t for my son. So don’t listen to the negativity. congratulations. Xx

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