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Testing LIDL toiletries

Firstly, I apologise that this is going up on a Sunday instead of Saturday, I was so busy yesterday that I got completely side tracked and forgot to write my post. I was supposed to be doing a day in the life but I was too busy and ended up not taking enough photos for the post so here we are….discussing toiletries I’ve recently picked up from LIDL! 

I bought 3 products to test out, a dry shampoo, a face wash and finally a deodorant. These products were very cheap and I really didn’t have high hopes for them, but hey, I’m all up for a bargain so I thought why not! They are all from the same line, Cien, which is a permanent line in LIDL and they also have shower gels, soaps, creams and most toiletries that you would expect. 

At first look I thought that all 3 products look nice, the dry shampoo reminds me of the same style of bottle of the Batiste range, which is fine. I really like the floral design. You can get different scents and they all have slightly different packaging but this one stood out to me. The design of the face wash and deodorant packaging is basic but fine, I like how the blue and white contrast together and they are both user friendly.

I’m someone who loves dry shampoo, I use it most weeks if I want to go that extra day without washing my hair, and I’ll also use it if I want a bit of volume. The Cien product reminded me a lot of the batiste dry shampoo, the scent was very similar to the floral one, and I found myself using the same amount as I would from batiste. I feel like it did a good job, it was nothing spectacular but for just £1.29 I think it was super. The only disappointment was that it did leave a white powdery effect on my hair, it did disappear after rubbing it in but this took longer than other dry shampoos that I’ve used before.

My skin care routine isn’t as complex as a lot of people’s, I enjoy basic skin care, I like to have a clean face but I only use a couple of products which include micellar water, so I thought it’d be a great idea to test out a face wash from LIDL. This set me back 99p whic is fantastic! However, I wasn’t impressed with this product, I found that the scent was too strong for me and it felt somewhat sticky on my skin. It’s a gel wash which I thought I’d like but unfortunately this product just didn’t work. But for under a pound, I don’t feel I’ve lost out-it was worth a try.

I am not fussy when it comes to deodorant, I usually buy whatever is on offer so trying out a shops own brand wasn’t a big deal for me. This deodorant was 65p which is insane! That’s cheaper than most travel sized deodorants that you can pick up and you get 200ml in this canister. I wouldn’t say this is the best deodorant on the market but I certainly would recommend it. It’s scent is fresh and clean, which is what I personally want in an anti perspirant, I don’t require fabulous scents coming from under my arms. It claims 48h freshness, but who actually leaves it that long without reapplying? Having said that, throughout the day when I’ve been wearing it, I feel it has done it’s job. If I’m doing more rigorous exercise then I have to add some more but I find that with most brands anyway. Overall I’ve really been impressed with this deodorant, and for 65p I’d definitely recommend! 

Thanks for reading this post, I know not everyone has a LIDL but I’ve enjoyed reviewing these products, if there’s any other own brand products you want me to review just let me know! 


20 thoughts on “Testing LIDL toiletries

  1. I quite like Lidl’s body care products, especially their shower gel range always smell amazing ❤ A few weeks ago my skin was going through something, and was super dry. I needed som gentle and found the Cien Cleansing Milk in my drawers, and it worked so well for me. In less than a week my skin was back to normal.

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  2. In Poland there are lots of Lidl supermarkets! But there aren’t the products that you have reviewed! It’s unfair, hahaha 😂 Maybe there are different range in Lidl in your country

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  3. I enjoy some of the lidl’s products. Especially when the come out with special edition.
    I often put in dry shampoo the night before and let it work overnight, it soaks up all the oil and no white cast so I think I’ll give it a whirl 👍

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  4. Hi,

    I agree with you that the prices of the Cien line of products are just unbelievable. Not only does Lidl keep these prices low in the long, but it also offers further discounted promotional offers from time to time, and this is even better.
    Personally, I’ve tried the Cien shaving foam with aloa vera, and I can say that my experience with this product has been more than satisfactory, especially at such a low price. Great value for money and a nice smooth shave!
    Another Cien product that I like is the anti-dandruff shampoo. In the past, I was a fan of Head & Shoulders, but the astonishingly low price of Lidl’s anti-dandruff shampoo tempted me to give it a go. Of course, I was in doubt whether it would eliminate my dandruff problem, or make it worse. I had to only wash my hair once, to realize that the Cien anti-dandruff shampoo has an excellent effect on dandruff, almost eliminating it, and leaving my scalp cleaner.

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