How to be a morning person!

I’m a morning person, (not your 5am wake up head to the gym morning person) I enjoy seizing the day and fitting as much into the hours I’m awake as possible. That said, I’m not a night owl, I’m happiest when I’m in bed by 9pm. So how do I enjoy jumping out of bed in the morning and how can you enjoy it too?

  1. Use an uplifting song for your alarm. The standard iPhone alarms are horrible, a good song or the radio instantly puts me in a better mood! 
  2. Drink a glass of cold water, this refreshes me instantly and makes me feel loads more awake. 
  3. Have your clothes/shoes/makeup/pack lunch/bag all prepped the night before so you don’t have as much to do when you get up. 
  4. Wash your face/take a shower as soon as you jump out of bed, don’t laze around in your pyjamas for a while watching telly as this takes a lot longer for your body to wake up. Cool water on my face not only hydrates my skin, but refreshes my eyes and I feel ready for the day.
  5. My favourite tip is to plan your breakfast the night before. It’s proven that eaten breakfast is good for you and i find that if I have it planned the night before then I wake up excited to have it, rather than just reaching for cereals when I should be running out the door! 

So there are 5 tips that I use in order to help me on my 6am wake up calls. Hope you enjoyed reading this and can take something from it.


22 thoughts on “How to be a morning person!

  1. I’m so terrible in the mornings, I have to be up at 5:20am and out the door at 6, I’ve got it down to a fine art but I sure could make it easier for myself with some of your tips! Planning my outfit and making brekkie the night before would save me valuable minutes! x

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  2. My alarm is seven months old and its either a strange noice or loud scream. Usually 4 or 5 am…yeay.
    But, totally agree on the brekkie part. I love overnight oats in almond milk and honey and chia seeds.

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  3. Awesome post! I’m definitely more of a morning person, I always have been! I love waking up and putting on a playlist that is sure to get me dancing; it makes putting on my makeup and getting ready for work much more enjoyable and improves my mood in a BIG way! Thanks for sharing! xo

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  4. Iā€™m a morning person as in that I wake early and like to get up and make the most of the day. But I then need at least 2 cups of tea before doing much. I like a chilled 45 minutes at least between being up and dressed, and leaving the house. So if I need to be out early I always get up in good time. I hate rushing in the mornings!

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  5. Oh, I’m your total opposite. I’m a night owl, really nocturnal, and most awake at night; but I’ve been wanting to become a morning person because I feel like you get to do and finish a lot of more things when you wake up early.

    Thanks for these!! šŸ™‚

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