I failed! A chatty update.

As some of you may know, my plan for September was to post every single day, and as you can see from the title of this post….I failed. At the beginning it was going so well, I’d had a couple of weeks off work and I’d managed to write and schedule a lot of posts, I thought I was on top of it, all I had to do was post to instagram when I uploaded right? I didn’t need to worry about lighting because I didn’t need to take photos, I didn’t need to worry about content because I didn’t need to write! I was sorted for the next few weeks. 

Truth is, I got lazy. The posts were scheduled for before I even woke up on a morning, I’d tap on my app at some point during the day to reply to people’s comments and read other people’s posts but that was it. Then I found myself being busy and having just enough time to quickly reply to comments. Lazy!

The last week or so I’ve been really thinking about my blog, I’ve neglected twitter and instagram almost completely, and I’ve started to lose motivation. I’ve had a couple of weeks of not writing and I can’t think of any content to write. I’ve not taken photos in ages and now I can barely bring myself to pick up my £300 camera that I only bought in June! I’m struggling to interact with fellow bloggers, I find myself skimming over posts rather than reading them and absorbing the information. I barely leave comments anymore which is shit because I used to love reading other people’s opinions and commenting on what they post whether it be to agree or debate or just to tell them that I liked their post! 

So to cut it short, I’m not going to complete a post a day in September. I’m going back to  posting 3 times a week Monday Wednesday & Saturday. Hopefully this will help me get my blogging mojo back! 

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me. I’ve gained 400 followers since I started this blog in June and for me, that’s incredible! You guys rock! 

If you’d like to leave any comments with ideas for blog posts on that would be amazing and so helpful! 


23 thoughts on “I failed! A chatty update.

  1. I can relate to this so much! For a while I was posting everyday but eventually I got burnt out and realized I needed to cut back so that I could create quality content and give myself time to interact with other bloggers and have an active presence on all of my socials! I hope cutting back helps you get your mojo back! I can’t wait to read your future posts, I know they’ll be great! xo ❤

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  2. Please don’t feel bad that you couldn’t keep up the motivation for daily updates…blogger block is very real and I’m just getting over having a major phase of it myself xxx

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  3. Don’t feel bad about it – posting every day is tough even for a week! I’m very envious or your organisational skills – I’ve only just gotten the hang of scheduling posts and it requires a lot of planning, blogging is so much more than writing. Your readers are always going to be here for you, sometimes it’s better to go out there and live life for a bit so that you have plenty of stuff to write about when you return xx

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  4. I’m lucky if I get something posted weekly, so don’t get too angry with yourself!
    You’re doing great, and sometimes it’s good to give yourself a little break and not too much pressure, sometimes that’s when the greatest ideas come.

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  5. I was posting daily for a while but it is so exhausting. I started a new position at work and I have no choice but to cut back on posting, which I’m actually relieved about because daily was so much pressure! Now I’ll be doing weekly; which I’m hoping will help improve my quality even more.

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  6. This is definitely me. I start off saying I really want to post ever so often but don’t follow through. We all as bloggers need to stay motivated ! . You can do this!

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  7. Three times a week is plenty! That gives you more time to put out quality content that you are happy with and not as much stress to think of so many more post ideas!! Don’t think of it as a failure but as a realization! 😀 Best of luck!!

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  8. You tried and put in a lot of effort and thats what matters, we all go through lazy stages but at least you have realised yours I still enjoy reading your blog no matter how often you post! ❤

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