Story Sundays. Susan Lewis – Too close to Home

I’m gonna jump right in and say this is a brilliant read. There. Go buy the book, and read it. It’s gripping, it’s beautifully written, it covers a number of family struggles, it’s emotional. It’s everything I want in a book.

Okay so onto the review….

I can’t say a lot about this book without giving too much away but the novel follows Jenna and Jack Moore and their 3 children in their new adventure. They’ve recently moved to Wales for a fresh start “the future is full of promise”. They’ve got 3 children, Paige (15) Josh (8) and twins (5) Flora and Wills. The story is based primarily Paige-we see a much deeper insight into her world than that of her younger siblings, Paige is dealing with the ‘normal’ problems that life throws at teenage girls, boys, fallouts, family issues, friends she’s also an avid user of social networks and becomes friends with a girl online, Julie Paige trusts Julie, she discloses information to her, tells Julie how unhappy and sorrowful she is with her life and she believes that Julie really is her friend! Paige keeps this part of her life hidden from her mother, Jenna has enough to deal with, what with running her publishing business, keeping a home and looking after 3 young children. Not to mention Jack…

Jack is Paige’s step father and biological father to her 3 siblings, he promised Paige he’d always be there for her when her biological father passed away when she was young, they’ve always had a real strong bond and they regularly spend quality time together. It soon becomes apparent that Jack is also keeping secrets from Jenna but is this what’s upsetting Paige? Are the secretes connected in some way or another?

This story touches on a very sensitive subject and I feel that Susan Lewis has done brilliant at portraying it, she’s written in such a sympathetic way and the reader is kept engaged in the story at all times, I didn’t want to put the book down until I’d finished it. I will definitely be reading another of her books soon.

A really great read.



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