July Favourites!


Firstly, HOW IS IT AUGUST ALREADY? The summer is flying by, but that means that Autumn is just around the corner! Oh how I can’t wait for sweater weather, cute boots, scarves and dark lips.

These are the things I have loved throughout the month of July!


  1. Marc Jacobs-Daisy Dream blush. I was gifted this perfume on my 20th birthday by my boyfriends parents. It’s a very floral, uplifting scent and I’ve adored wearing through the summer.
  2. The Balm – Nude Tude eye shadow palette. I’d been neglecting this palette for a while and one Saturday morning I remembered it and thought I’d drag it out. I fell in love with it all over again and have used it quite a few times throughout July.
  3. I’m a baker. I adore making cakes for people, this month I’ve treated myself to a shiny new cake tin. Now I can make dome shaped cakes which is perfect for creating animals and such like!
  4. L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water – I’ve LOVED using this, it’s made my skin feel incredible, you can read my review on it here.
  5. NARS Audacious lipstick in Anna – I’d never owned a NARS product until this month but this lipstick has soon become my absolute favourite, it’s such a pretty colour and has amazing staying power!
  6. Eastenders – A soap opera in the UK that I dip in and out of. The storyline recently has been about bullying and I think the young actors/actresses have played their parts amazingly!
  7. Beauty and The Beast – The DVD has been released and of course I bought it and have re-watched it!
  8. My new camera! – This month I have bought myself a new camera the Canon EOS 1300D. I love it. It’s the best purchase I have made in such a long time, I’m thrilled with the photo quality!
  9. Reading – I’ve read a book a week throughout July, which on top of a full time job, looking after a puppy and blogging I think is quite good!
  10. Buying presents! August is my boyfriend and my dads birthdays!!! So throughout July I have loved spending money on them and buying them gifts that I hope they are going to LOVE!


What have you loved throughout July?
Have you had better weather than what I’ve had? That’s something I certainly have NOT been loving-RAIN!!!



31 thoughts on “July Favourites!

  1. Hehe I loved reading this post! I also cant wait for autumn (; And reading a book a week girl?! Good for you. I wish I would have done more that this summer but haven’t really found the time. xoxo

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  2. I totally adored reading this post. I don’t how you could read one book each week, while having a full time job. That’s awesome. When I come from work, my head just pains, and I could never read a book after that.

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  3. It rains sporadically where I live, but the weather isn’t too bad where I live :). Yeah the months have been flying by, For July I’ve been loving a lavender essential oil and sun screen spray I picked up from Marshalls. Probably on the unhealthier side but Tiramisu cheesecake and lean cuisine frozen dinners. Bath&Body works has these summer inspired body sprays and seaside pink jasmine is by far one of my favorites.

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  4. I need to get into the habit of reading more! I have never been a big reader, but I wish that I were. I do have some lovely books on my bookshelf just waiting to be read! Well done for all the reading. Exciting about the new camera – I’m on the lookout for a good first camera at the moment. Gotta treat yo’ self.

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  5. Sweater weather!! I can’t wait!! It’s been 90 degrees everyday here in July. Yikes. I’m so ready for fall! I love all your favorites. Lovely post 😘

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  6. Yesss I can’t wait for sweater weather too!!
    Really enjoyed reading this, there’s so much variety here 🙂 Also that perfume looks gorgeous I’ve been looking for a summery scent I might have to test that one 😍😍
    Steph x

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