8 reasons why I hated school…

I didn’t have an awful time at school, there were times when I didn’t want the day to end, where I laughed so hard with my friends that my stomach hurt and I couldn’t wait to see them again, where we’d had a brilliant lesson and I felt so inspired! But, like many people have, there were times when it all got too much for me and I’d come home crying, days I didn’t want to get out of bed to go, times I was actually scared to go… below are my reasons behind those terrible dark days.

  1. Bullies – I got bullied badly at school for having ginger hair and freckles. I’d be called names and people would refer to my freckles as “spots” it was hurtful and now unfortunately with social media so accessible, young children are being bullied all the time and it seems even worse than ever before!
  2. School dinners – I never enjoyed school dinners but my mum wanted me to have them while I was younger, it wasn’t until I got to secondary school (age 11/12-16) that I was able to take a pack lunch.
  3. P.E – I wasn’t and still am not a very active person, I hated running, hated cross country and just felt ashamed of myself when I couldn’t keep up with my friends.
  4. Cliques – not such an issue in primary school (up to age 11) but once I hit secondary school I felt like I didn’t fit in with the same people I used to be friends with anymore and I was left out a lot.
  5. Homework – again secondary school was worse, I think that being at school for the majority of the day is enough. How can you be expected to take part in extra curricular activities, as well as seeing your family and getting a good nights sleep if you’ve got 2+ hours of homework each night? It’s ridiculous!
  6. Extra curricular activities – I was told lots of times that I needed hobbies to put on my CV, so that I looked appealing to college/uni/employers. I was made to feel “not good enough” because I didn’t dance, I didn’t play netball or horse ride! The truth is it actually doesn’t matter. I got my place in college and I’ve managed to bag 4 different jobs! I still don’t dance, play netball or horse ride! I read books, I enjoy socialising and I write a blog.
  7. Career talks! – How on earth at age 14-16 are you supposed to know what you want to do for a career for the rest of your life? I remember lots of people giving ideas of what they wanted to be and I felt so upset and pressured into “choosing” a career path overnight, I looked into so many different options but never settled on anything, I still haven’t really and I’m now 20.
  8. Uniform rules – I quite enjoyed wearing a uniform to school, it meant everyone was equal and we looked smart. However I really never did and still don’t understand how rules like “no painted nails” “top button done and tie up to the top” “no jewellery” “no bright hair” affect your education. My teachers were too busy checking that your bloody top button was fastened and your tie had 6 stripes on it, that our actual education was on the verge of suffering!

So there’s my 8 reasons! I’d love to know some of yours!!



41 thoughts on “8 reasons why I hated school…

  1. I didn’t have a terrible time at school, but I didn’t like it either. Some things that I didn’t like about school were:
    1. Homework-I wanted homework when there wasn’t any back in high school.
    2. Curriculum-I didn’t learn much in high school. There were too many students in one class room and resources were limited.
    3. Uniforms-From preschool all the way to high school, all I ever wore to school was a uniform. I can’t stand the sight of white and navy blue color combo anymore when it comes to clothes.
    4. School Lunch-The food wasn’t that great. During the four out of five days of school, students were served pizza most of the time.
    5. After School Activities-Like you, I’m not a very athletic person. I’m still not. I just wished when I was back in high school, the school understood that yes, there could be activities after school that didn’t involve sports.
    6. Popularity-Never understood the point of it, which was probably why I grew apart from my friends.
    7. Career Talks-I completely agree with what you said about it.
    8. Tests-I hated taking tests required by the state.

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    1. What a brilliant comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and write such a meaningful reply! Pizza was on offer at my school every single morning as a snack, it wasn’t even nice! I also wore a uniform right from being 3 or 4 years old, the colour combos changed throughout the years though!

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      1. Of course. Your post is great. 🙂
        Really? Pizza as a snack? The pizza that were served at my school were usually those bagel pizzas. The color of my uniform in every grade was always white and navy.

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  2. I hated homeworks with passion, so I used to do them during some other class at school which is so bad, but that’s how I did it. Also, I hated the fact that I need to be there for 8-9 hours 5 days a week, it’s just too much to handle man. xx

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  3. 6 stripes?! Haha that’s insane! I completely agree on everything. Kids are complete jerks sometimes. I worry about my kids.. Especially like you said having the internet now!!
    I was so happy when I was old enough to leave school during lunch hour to get whatever food I wanted or go home for a minute..
    I was active in other sports but I still hated P.E.. and I never had a uniform though besides no shoulders showing and no swear words on clothes.

    So so so glad I’m done with school!

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  4. I hated school ,
    Only just left , one reason because people always had something to say about me , I got bullied by this one girl for a good two years. I also hated school because of the pressure,exams , career choices , I don’t know how many assembly’s i sat through .. different teachers and collages/unis and students saying we need to decide. I could never decide and I still can’t and I find it nerve wracking . Another reason .. I was also mistaken as the “Gobby one” no one knew what I was like .. I got called gobby but really I was just tying to defend my self from the comments that got made at me. I got excluded numerous times because I’d get punished for defending my self . I hated the different sections. The nerds, the freaks,popular , un popular . It annoys me so much ! So glad I’ve left . Another thing that annoyed me was the mental health stigma .. I used to get forced to sit in big halls full of hundreds of people which set me on the edge, asked to talk infront of the class, because if you diddnt you were rude and just the over all stigma and if you opened up about it you were called “mental” 😴 enjoyed this post thanks for sharing xxxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a great comment. I hope you are a lot happier now you’ve left school, it sounds like you must’ve had it quite bad, I forgot about public speaking in school, that used to give me so much anxiety, I hated standing at the front and talking infront of the class xxx

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  5. As somebody with Aspergers Syndrome, I didn’t really enjoy the majority of my time in education; there were some fun moments, but a lot of teachers, and people who were supposed to support me just did not ‘get it’. Students also; just who really cares now about popularity?! They’d also mock my learning needs; great post x

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  6. I left school almost 10 years a go and I still have nightmares about the whole experience, aha! I especially hated PE, I could never keep up with everyone and always got grouped up with the people who bullied me :S. I enjoyed reading your post 😀

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  7. Great post – I actually feel the complete opposite to the majority of these points! I adored school; I’d go back in a heartbeat. I loved P.E and did extra and studied it for GCSE. I loved learning and I love homework I am pretty much Hermione Granger haha xxx

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  8. My time at school went okay I didn’t enjoy it but the thing that made me start to hate it was the whole education system and how it puts so much pressure on young people to conform to these high expectations and it just gets too much. The school also “forced” people to go to university and those who didn’t choose that path were picked on and signalised out… but don’t even get me started on assemblies… so many wasted mornings in pointless assemblies!!

    All I can say is I am glad I left because I am looking forward to the future ahead and out of the education system!

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    1. I 100% agree on your point on University, as soon as I told my college tutors I wasn’t thinking of uni I was ‘left’ behind while they focused more on the people who were going. I love your outlook on life! The future holds wonderful things x

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  9. This is so relatable. My reasons are almost exactly the same as yours! I’m ginger too by the way. We gingers have to stick together!
    I really like the format, layout and writing style of your blog so far. You also appear to have a wide range of content for all types of people.
    Good luck and well done so far!

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    1. I’m definitely not sporty but I do enjoy exercise a lot more now. Currently I don’t have a book on the go because I’ve been really busy this past week but I intend to start another book when I finish work next week x


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