Story Sundays. Cathy Glass – I miss Mummy.

A little background on Cathy Glass.
Cathy is a foster carer and writes about her experiences with fostering, she writes under a pseudonym and changes the names of the children she writes about so that they cannot be traced. I think this woman has an incredible job and some of the stories she writes (although might be dramatized for publication) are real and they are difficult to read so they must’ve been horrendous to live through.

The Story
I Miss Mummy is the first book I ever read of Cathy’s, my mum gave me it to read and since then I’ve been so intrigued and bought all of Cathy’s books. This story is about a young girl aged 4 who can’t live with her mum anymore, despite her desperate pleas to go home, Cathy steps in and fosters her. The big question though, is why can’t Alice live with her loving grandparents? Cathy is battling against social services to allow Alive home, she doesn’t want to live with her father whom she barely even knows! Poor Alice wants to be home with her grandparents who are heartbroken and love her so very very much.

The story is brilliantly written, full of emotion and in an extremely readable style which is common for Cathy. Once I started, I couldn’t put this book down. It was such a gripping read and I became so emotionally attached to the story. As well as fostering, Cathy has her own children and they too play a big role in the lives of the Foster children, they are so accepting and adapt fantastically to having other children in their family home.

I highly recommend you read this book, or any of Cathy Glass’s stories. From the very start of this book I couldn’t wait to find out what lies ahead for Alice, I can’t write much about the book because I will end up giving it away, all I can say is READ IT!!!!

Have you read any books by Cathy Glass?
Have you read any other fostering memoirs?
What is a good book that you recommend I read?


2 thoughts on “Story Sundays. Cathy Glass – I miss Mummy.

  1. Have you read her book ‘Damaged’? It is the only Cathy Glass book I have read, but it is honestly such a great, griping and deeply moving story. Xx

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