My Camping Survival List

This time next week I will have (hopefully) survived 3 nights camping in Scotland! With any luck the sun will be shining and it won’t drop too cold on a night time. Beside the tent, chairs and cooking equipment I’ve put together a list of 10 things I will definitely be taking, I’m not a huge fan of camping but the following should help me through the 3 nights and make my camping holiday a little more like home!

Skin so soft

Top of my list is my Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray from Avon. I’d never used this product before but I had heard some incredible reviews from it by people that I work with. It is a moisturiser, which is always lovely to have, but one of the great things about this spray is that it apparently works as an insect repellent! A lot of reviews online say the same thing, so I bought 2 bottles of this and I am keen to try this out. I get bitten a lot by midges and they are rife in Scotland so I’m not taking any chances. And if doesn’t work, then at least I will smell nice! I bought mine online from because I don’t have a local rep, it was on sale at only £1.99 a bottle!

Micellar water

Second is my Garnier Micellar cleansing water. I love this product and use it every single day to get rid of my makeup, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and it removes makeup very easily. Definitely a product to take with me since I might be quite a walk away from running water! I usually by the 400ml bottle and keep it at home, but for this trip I purchased the small bottle for just £1 from my local boots. You can buy them anywhere though, from amazon to supermarkets!

Cotton Wool pads

Cotton Wool Pads are a must have for me, they will be used primarily alongside my Micellar water, but they will also come in handy for other things and a few will be going into our first aid kit to help clean a graze for example.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes! This is just a cheap packet of baby wipes; I don’t think there is much need to buy any branded ones as I will just carry them with me in a bag in case I need to wipe my hands etc. whilst we are out and about.

Hair Bobbles

Hair Bobbles. Ties/bobbles/bands whatever you call them are a must for girls with long enough hair to tie back. I straighten my hair almost every day, the tiniest bit of damp in the air will send my hair into a fuzzy frenzy and this is not something that I want to have to deal with while living in a tent, it will be much easier for me to just tame the mane and tie it back!

Sun cream

Sun cream is very important when you’ve got ginger skin! I know it’s Scotland but I still have hope!

Wellies! My wellies are currently in a horrendous state because I wear them out on the Farm amongst all the cows….I’ll say no more. However when you’re camping in a field they are a definite must have in case it rains!

Dr PawPaw

Must not forget lip balm. I will be taking Dr PawPaw I first found this stuff back in 2015 when my best friend bought me a bottle to try and honestly I’ve never used anything else since! I don’t wear it all the time but if I ever get chapped lips, I apply a generous amount of Dr PawPaw before I go to bed and by morning my lips feel super soft. I highly recommend trying this product, I cannot rave about it enough! I buy mine now from Amazon UK for only £5.99 with free delivery!!!


Thick socks this might sound really daft in the middle of June but I will 100% be thankful for them on a cold night, my feet are the first part of me to get cold and once they are cold, so is the rest of me so I will try my hardest to keep my feet snug! I love Primark fluffy socks, they’re a bargain and are so soft.


A nice warm cosy hoodie, another that might sound odd, but when we are sat outside the tent on a chilly night toasting marshmallows after a long busy day, this will be a must have, I’ll be cosy and snuggly and content. The thought of this makes me smile a lot-maybe camping won’t be so bad after all!

A few other things that I will be taking with me but are not on my Top list are as follows:

  • Deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.
  • A few essential makeup items including my MAC shadow/blush palette for ease.
  • Nail file and scissors in case of any nasty chips!
  • Yorkshire Tea bags!




5 thoughts on “My Camping Survival List

    1. Your camping trip sounds so much more adventurous than mine! I surprised myself on this trip and actually ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I’ve tried the link but unfortunately it won’t work!

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